DynaVap DynaKit Maintenance Kit


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The Maintenance DynaKit is ideal for keeping your DynaVap devices clean and pristine and working their best. The DynaWax will help lubricate the O-Rings for assembly, as well as serve as a great wood conditioner. Both types of O-Rings are provided in case any are lost or get broken on your device’s condenser and/or tip.

The Basic DynaKit is ideal for obtaining all of the replacement parts used with most DynaVap devices when you want the security of spare parts in that time of need. This kit works with all VapCaps. If you want to keep your vaporizer in pristine condition, you should purchase the maintenance Dynakit.

In The Box
1 DynaWax
5 Cotton Pipe Cleaners
3 Condenser O-Rings
5 High-Temp O-Rings

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