Classic Straight Waterpipe

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Introducing the Classic Straight Tube Waterpipe: Experience Pure Elegance and Smooth Hits!

This Straight Tube Waterpipe is a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication, offering a delightful smoking experience. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this sleek glass pipe is designed to provide smooth and potent hits every time.

Featuring a transparent glass tube, our waterpipe allows you to witness the mesmerizing dance of smoke as it travels through the pipe. The straight design ensures a direct flow, maximizing the efficiency of your smoking sessions.

Maintenance is a breeze with our straight tube waterpipe. Its straightforward structure makes cleaning quick and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on what matters most – enjoying your smoke sessions.

Embrace the timeless elegance and functionality of the straight tube waterpipe. Enhance your smoking ritual with a classic piece that delivers quality and satisfaction with every use.

Browse our collection now and discover the perfect straight tube waterpipe to elevate your smoking experience.

A straight tube bong is a straight water pipe with a streamlined design. Its simplicity is characterized by a straight cylindrical tube, a bowl on one end, and a downstem that connects the bowl to the bong's base.


8-9 inches tall

3-1/4 Base width

Removable downstem 

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