Longmada Motar Quartz Bowl Wax Atomizer


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The Motar is a wax atomizer that uses a solid quartz crucible style coil with a heating element embedded underneath.  This setup ensures that your material never touches metal resulting in a pure flavor that lesser atomizers cannot duplicate.  The Motar was designed to handle some serious power.  Longmada says that the best results are between 30-45W.  
In order to maximize the life span of the coil, we recommend that you start around 15W and move up in increments to find the best wattage for your preference.  The construction lets you know right away that this puppy means business.  There is a built in heat sink at the base of the atomizer to help dissipate the heat that results from that kind of power.  The glass cover and mouthpiece were also designed to help cool the vapor.  The carb hole above the coil is designed to cause a vortex shaped air path to help cool the vapor as it travels through the tube to the mouthpiece. 

Solid Quartz Heating Dish
Integrated Heat Sink
Designed for High Output Use

Thread Type:  510
Wattage Range:  15W - 45W
Resistance:  0.4Ω
Atomizer Diameter:  22mm

1 Motar Atomizer Base
1 Motar Glass Cover and Mouthpiece
1 Solid Quartz Heating Dish Coil
1 Loading Tool

Replacement Coils and Glass are available.

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