Yocan Orbit Replacement Coil


Type: Quartz Cup Single Coil
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This is the replacement coil for the Yocan Orbit Wax Pen.  The coils are available individually or in a 5-Pack.  Please note that the coils do not include additional quartz balls.

The Orbit Coil is a Quartz Balls Coil that works with the Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen Kit.

The Yocan Orbit Replacement Coil is made of high-grade quartz, which has no negative chemical reaction to heat. The Yocan Orbit Replacement Coil has a coil-less design that has several advantages over a traditional wax coil. In comparison to a heating element with an exposed coil, Yocan Orbit's coil-less atomizer ensures that all materials placed in the wax chamber are vaporized. The Yocan Orbit Replacement Coil has a threaded connection at the base, which provides the coil with a sturdy pedestal from which it will not be easily knocked out of place, especially when in use.

In The Box
1/5 Yocan Orbit Quartz Cup Coil(s)

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